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Soon WhatsApp Users will not be able to take screenshots of individuals Chats

 WhatsApp is working on plenty of to provide an enhanced user experience. A brand new report coming from Independent UK states that the Facebook-owned messaging application will soon deny customers from getting a screenshot of chats. Instagram already has a feature comparable to this one because it notifies a user whenever someone captures a screenshot of the messages screen. But WhatsApp is all set to block screenshots, which might come as a surprise to many. A new feature comes as part of a plethora of safety changes that the application has been working on and introducing, keeping in accordance with the app’s commitment to consumer privacy.

Well, the screenshot blocking feature will be made accessible to customers whenever WhatsApp plans to release the Authentication attribute, Which is presently under development for Android users. IOS users already obtained the authentication feature however it didn’t add any screenshot blocking attribute. Before obtaining into the application, the Authentication attribute Would ask users to confirm their identities through their fingerprints, WABetaInfo reported. On enabling the attribute after confirming their identities, users wouldn’t be in a position to make a screenshot of their chats, IANS reported. Fingerprint Safety: When enabled, a fingerprint is required to open WhatsApp and screenshots of the conversation are blocked.

You can reply to messages from notifications and answer calls if WhatsApp is locked, a screenshot of the beta version of the Authentication feature reads. Information surfacing about it upcoming characteristic left the users in a state of confusion. But right now, it is unknown how this attribute works in real life. We’ll only get acquainted with more details on this, once it is presented to the public, and details about the roll from the attribute remain unknown as well. WhatsApp Working on several new features. WhatsApp is currently working on many new attributes which range from privacy attributes to decreasing spam content on the stage.

Firstly, WhatsApp is actively working on to add more attributes to detect junk messages that general elections in India are going on across countries. The IM firm added several attributes like spam hyperlink detection, frequently messages and it even educating users throughout the country on the way they could avoid spam messages. In the other news, WhatsApp is reported to be working on attracting a dim mode to the stage such as Facebook Messenger. Dark Mode on WhatsApp is among the most requested features from users across the globe as it assists in saving battery life and looks spectacular on OLED screens.

In addition to these characteristics, The company is also adding its own Emojis segment and working on animated decals attribute.

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