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Next Gen Xbox Anaconda Could Be More Powerful Than Sony’s PS5

 Sony’s lead system architect, Mark Cerny in a meeting with a brief while back shared a good deal about the approaching PS5 console and what to expect with regards to hardware. This comprised the octa-core processor zen2, Navi Graphics processing unit with potential ray tracing support and also the change to SSDs from conventional magnetic storage. According to technology journalist Ainsley Bowden, that claims to have inner peace from reputable sources, Xbox Anaconda, will be much more advanced than Sony’s PS5. Bowden complimented the PS5’s specs on Twitter but went on to say that, multiple insiders have confirmed it’s true Xbox Anaconda, will be advanced as rumored.

And I think he’s right. Microsoft might not possess the exclusives to battle Sony, but as far as the hardware goes, they’ll have the upper hand this time around. MS is likely to start two variations of the forthcoming Xbox console, namely Lockhart, the heir to the current generation Xbox One and Anaconda, the next iteration of the Xbox One X. There is one thing that is important to remember. Sony could have given us the main image of what to expect from the next PS5, but there were no characters in the interview. Yes there will be 8 Zen2 cores, and we do know they will be considerably more strong than Jaguar, but the specific functionality is still not known.

The Vega Graphics processing unit, and on the other hand, is a mystery, and what type of ray will it happen is also not apparent. Finally, the storage will include an SSD likely an NVMe based drive, but once more none of the technical details have been shared. Right now, it’s simply speculation and rumors. AMD is slated to show its Ryzen 3000 processors and Navi GPUs from the forthcoming months, so things need to become more transparent soon enough. We’ll keep you informed about this. Cheers!.

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