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Indian War Ships in Rare Parade with Chinese Who Display Powerful Destroyer

President Xi Jinping talked of worldwide maritime cooperation as China exhibited the first of a brand new generation of missile destroyers on Tuesday in a naval parade to mark the 70th anniversary of China’s navy in the Yellow away China’s eastern coast. President Xi Jinping talked of international maritime cooperation as China displayed the beginning of a new generation of missile destroyers on Tuesday in a naval parade to mark the 70th anniversary of China’s navy in the Yellow sea away from China’s eastern coast. Two Indian battleships, stealth destroyer, INS Kolkata, and distribution vessel were part of the parade that saw 16 other ships out of 12 other nations take part in the parade through rain and fog from the Qingdao coast.

A total of 32 boats of the People’s Liberation Army Navy sailed in six groups, also 39 warplanes of the Navy flew into ten echelons, Xinhua news agency said in a report from the port town. Commenting on Indian navy public appearance at a Chinese navy event expert, Yue Gang said Indian and Chinese navies have various benefits and shouldn’t confront each other. The amount of Chinese warships is 4 times that of India. Indian warships from the Indian Ocean have a superior geographic advantage. It’s difficult for either side to win, Yue said. India and China are neighbors that are immovable.

They’re better off in peace than in competitions. Cooperation is a win situation, and either side will probably lose in confrontation, he said. China and India have both benefited from the Indian Ocean region. It’s critical to carry out cooperation and coordination to prevent mistrust. The states have carried out security cooperation. The principal projects include maritime search and rescue drills and a common escort against piracy joint escort of The Gulf of Aden, Yue said. In the future, the two countries are going to have the chance to set up a vast assortment of cooperation in terrorism, humanitarian relief, submarine mess rescue, and UN peacekeeping, he said.

In the parade, China’s first domestically produced airplane carrier, which is still unnamed and undergoing sea trials, wasn’t present, though the nation’s first carrier, the Liaoning led the Chinese ships, state media reports. At a gathering of Chinese and foreign naval officers and guests, Xi said the navies of the world should work collectively to defend maritime peace and order. The Chinese people love and long for peace, also will tirelessly follow the path of peaceful development, Xi said. Everybody must respect each other, treat each other as equals, enhance mutual trust, strengthen maritime dialogue and exchanges, and deepen cooperation between navies, he added. There can’t be hotels to force or threats of force at the slightest pretext, Xi said. The parade took place in the background of China’s ongoing maritime dispute with nations in Southeast Asia over rival claims on the South China Sea.

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