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Agroindustria raised the estimate of the harvest to 145 million tons, the largest in history

As the harvest progresses, the volume record continues to stretch upward. Both the private estimates and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA, for its acronym in English) were projecting increases as the weather accompanied the agricultural campaign 2018-2019. And yesterday it was the Government, through the Secretary of Agribusiness, which assured that between the already collected and what is missing will reach 145 million tons, a number never reached by this country once called “the granary of the world “

The most significant jump is taking place in corn and soybeans, with 55 million tons in the first case and 55.9 million tons in the second, a volume that only between these two crops almost equals the total of last season, affected by the drought. In both cases it is estimated that 30% of the harvest has been advanced.

The cereal is on the heels of the once undisputed queen, soybeans, when added between what goes to the commercial circuit and what is minced or directly consumed in mixed establishments, such as animal feed. It is an increase of 26.5% compared to the previous season and even 10.7% more than what was projected in October, shortly after the first sowings. Private exchanges usually add only to commercial corn and currently project this crop in the order of 47-48 million tons. In any case, this volume had not been reached even in the 1940s.

Meanwhile, the 55.9 million tons that Agroindustria projects for soybeans do not reach the maximum levels of 60 million reached during the Kirchnerism, when cereals were highly conditioned by restrictions on export permits, through the ROEs. All in all, it represents a jump of almost 50% (47.9) compared to the previous harvest, which due to the lack of humidity had fallen to 37.8 million tons. Regarding what was projected last October, the current figure implies an improvement of 3%.

The expectations fed from months ago, anticipated by Clarín in mid-January, became a reality especially in the last weeks, when the harvesters were confirming in their monitors the high yields per hectare, in national averages of 3.3 tn / ha for soybeans and more than 9.5 tn / ha for the large American cereal, in both cases at world leading levels.

The campaign 18-19, also has the highest historical wheat harvests with 19.4 million tons (5.2% higher than the 2017/18 cycle); and a strong growth in barley production (35.3%), plus the significant contribution of sunflower, sorghum, rice, peanut, cotton and beans, among the main extensive crops.

The Secretary of Government of Agribusiness of the Nation, Luis Miguel Etchevehere, stressed that “the record harvest of 145 million tons, is the merit of the producers and the tenacity of the chain that relied on and invest to reach this historic milestone” , even after the strong impact due to drought.

“We will return to being the second world exporter of corn,” said Etchevehere, indicating that according to forecasts the exportable balance will amount to 30 million tons. In this sense, he considered that “the State does not have to hinder production, but accompany it, as we have done in terms of debureaucratization with the SISA, in logistics with the Bitrenes and the STOP system, and in sustainability, with the application of phytosanitary products and the policies of soil protection “.

Etchevehere pointed out that “the entrance of foreign currency for this record record would be around 28,000 million dollars”, and he hoped that “the producer will be liquidating the crop throughout the year, at the time he considers most appropriate”.

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